Carolina Cardiology Rehab Center

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Mission Statement

The mission of Carolina Cardiology Rehab is to educate, support and advocate for healthy hearts, thereby enacting reversal of heart diseases.

Dean Ornish Lifestyle

  • Fitness: Participants engage in regular, moderate exercise, personalized to their ability and gradually progress to optimize health benefits.
  • Stress Management: Participants learn to cope with or manage stress, and develop an increased awareness of how stress impacts them physically, and emotionally. 
  • Love and Support: Participants connect with other individuals in the program and experience emotional support throughout the program.  
  • Nutrition: Participants develop a low-fat, whole foods, plant based eating plan all with the guidance of a dietation. 

Benefits You Can Expext to Achieve Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

  • 9% decrease in blood pressure
  • 16% decrease in cholesterol
  • 7% decrease in body mass and BMI
  • 10% reduction in triglycerides
  • 9% decrease in HbA1c
  • 64% increase in exercise capacity

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Carolina Cardiology Rehab Center and the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

"We have empathy for our patients after having cardiac events and want to give them the tools to empower them to take control of their health. The passionate pursuit of healthy hearts." - Sushil K. Singhi, MD, Co-Medical Director